Friday Five: Painting, Plans, Photos, & Bows

Hey there!  Happy Friday to you!


I wanna start off by telling you about a giveaway coming up!  On Tuesday the 10th, there's going to be a giveaway for $15 credit to The Enchanted Bow Shop on Etsy!  I love all the beautiful felt headbands and crowns she creates.  Here's our sweet Nora wearing a sparkly flower band!  When she saw it for the first time, she exclaimed, "Oh!  A Pwincess!!"


I never shared any photos from Claire's newborn session with Heather Paul Photography.  Heather has a very relaxed style and has an eye for capturing those sweet moments and details.  She's done all three of our children's newborn photos, and she's officially launching her biz this week - share some love and "like" her page here

Here are a few of my favorites from Claire's newborn session (flower bands also from EnchantedBowShop): 


Sweeeeet precious Claire Elise just turned 2 months!  She is the most mellow, laid-back babe, and we're enjoying her immensely. 


I've talked a lot about intentional mothering here on my blog, along with my desire to be steeped in Scripture for true heart-change to take place in my life (especially as I'm caring for and nurturing three delicate souls), and I want to share a practical step I've taken that has been a blessing to our family. 

Each morning during breakfast, we sit down and I take out my phone.  I open my "Bible YouVersion" App and open one of my selected Bible-reading plans; this month we're doing "P.R.A.Y - Teaching Your Kids to Pray" and working through Scripture and kid-friendly devotionals together.  It takes about 10 minutes and each devotional comes with an activity or video to watch together.  

I love it because not only are my kids getting a daily dose of Scripture and an opportunity to talk about spiritual things, but I myself get a chance to start my day with some Bible and that always makes a difference in my attitude!


Y'all probably know by now that I started an Etsy shop in October.  Thankfully, aside from a couple dozen sales on Etsy, I've had numerous custom requests on the side.  In fact, sometimes those custom requests keep me so busy, I can't find the time to put more inventory on the shop!  So I'm reeeeeeally grateful for all the business; it's a wonderful creative outlet for me, and really a dream come true to be doing a little small biz.  And it is very small, but that's really all I need during this season and I'm very content.  

I just wanted to share with you my last project, and probably my favorite yet!  It's inspired by Anthropologie's Peony Wallpaper, and it will go in a little girl's nursery - how sweet!!

And that's all for today!  I'm headed to a cabin in the woods for the weekend with all my people.  Have a great weekend!


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